MT FWP Makes Killing through “Game Damage Hunts” Even Easier

This b.s. recently came out from Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks. Ugh – “game damage” hunts for wild buffalo. This is for buffalo who dare to roam, dare to walk the earth, outside of their allotted times when they are allowed in Montana to be shot by hunters. This, most specifically, is addressing “rancher concerns” near the South Fork of the Madison River, outside of West Yellowstone. One particular rancher, Pat Povah, who made his millions on concessions inside Yellowstone – he hates buffalo, and he runs cattle in buffalo habitat that is a stone’s throw from the Idaho border. What’s interesting is that they call this “news” when MT FWP has been doing these game damage hunts for at least six years now. It’s nothing new, but now it’s “official.” They aim to “teach buffalo a lesson.” How is one who is dead to learn?

Image of a press release telling about game damage hunting in Montana.
This is an image of a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks press alert.