Celebrating the Endangered Species Act

From Roam Free Nation Vice President Jaedin Medicine Elk:

The day of December 28, 1973 the most “significant and influential” environmental law was signed by President Richard Nixon, The Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was created due to the damage happening from hunting, industry and deforestation. Some tools from the Endangered Species Act was for the Federal Government to keep lists of all species in need of protection, prohibiting Federal Agencies from Jeopardizing such species or their habitats. Also give the government more empowerment to protect wildlife.

The wild buffalo living in Yellowstone National Park are finally getting their chance to hopefully be protected under the Endangered Species Act. Research will be conducted by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, to see if the wild buffalo get the chance to be a part of the ESA.

Hopefully this puts an end to the State Hunt which is mainly non-tribal hunters. The IBMP will have to create a new plan to ensure their cooperation with the Endangered Species Act.

Take action for ESA protection for wild buffalo!

Two buffalo calves nose each other in front of an adult buffalo.

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