On safe passage infrastructure

From a local supporter:

Hi my name is Pat Kennedy. 

I live in West Yellowstone, Montana, about 4 miles from YNP.

What l am about to tell you is an ongoing problem with our 191 highway. The buffalo come out of the park to where l live to migrate; they are the Central Herd. They have to cross this highway (191) to reach my neighborhood. The speed limit is 70 miles, and at night 55, and always 55 when buffalo are on the highway. Truck drivers only have one route. This story is very sad. Yesterday in the daylight an 18 wheeler was driving very fast. He saw the buffalo but hit it. Not sure if it was a bull or a pregnant mom. He left the scene. The buffalo was still alive, but they had to put it down. About a week ago same situation, mom and baby hit. There needs to be someone who can help. I am a very concerned person who loves my buffalo. Please let me know your options. 

Bison walk on a roadway in front of a line of cars.

Stephany Seay, our co-founder responded:

Law enforcement is aware of the problem. What we need is safe passage infrastructure. When I was with BFC we had a meeting with the Montana Department of Transportation. While they all agreed that safe passage was needed, they said it was not feasible (i.e. worth spending the money) until human life is lost. This is absolute b.s. and I think we need to put the pressure back on the MT DOT and perhaps Montana representative and senators in Congress. I would suggest contacting Governor Gianforte, but we know what he is. If we still had a local paper, I would suggest an advertisement, letters to the editor (the Bozeman Chronicle would still be worthy, and the Billings Gazette), and a PSA on local radio stations. The problem is, you can be there with all the lights and signs in the world but these truckers are in a hurry and warnings are ignored. We really need safe passage. On the edge of Yellowstone, it only makes sense. That, or take a jackhammer to that damn road…. my favorite option.