Gallatin National Forest Destroys Buffalo Habitat

Here is an ice-cold, colonized wrap up from the Gallatin National Forest about the more than 2,000 acres of habitat they allowed to be destroyed by loggers, west of Yellowstone National Park. Sick. This is home to the imperiled Central buffalo herd, endangered grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines, moose, and so many others.

Photos of heavily logged areas.
Photos of the logging are from Custer Gallatin National Forest’s Facebook page.

From the Custer Gallatin National Forest:

The Custer Gallatin National Forest, Hebgen Lake Ranger District recently completed all timber harvesting activities for the North Hebgen Multiple Resource Project. Approximately 1,482 acres were harvested as part of the Hebgen Flats project. 

Over the winter, the Whits Red contract was completed harvesting a total of 333 acres. 

Work on Teepee Creek Stewardship harvested 314 acres to date, and is just under half way complete.

As you travel in the project areas, you will see large piles of slash material left over in sale areas, as well as temporary access roads. Temporary access roads will be decommissioned throughout the summer and fall and slash piles will be burned when conditions safely allow. 

Seeding of areas disturbed and weed spraying will also occur over the rest of this summer. Overall this project aims to reduce fuel loading and increase forest resiliency and desired conditions. Call the local Hebgen Lake Ranger District at 406-823-6961 for additional information.