Meet the Board of Directors

Stephany Seay
Co-founder of Roam Free Nation, Board President

Stephany Seay has been working in service to the last wild buffalo for over 20 years. Born in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and raised in Virginia, Stephany learned about the continued war against wild buffalo in 1996 and has been advocating for them ever since. In response to their struggle, she moved to Montana on New Year’s Day 2004, where she became the media coordinator for Buffalo Field Campaign, with whom she parted ways after 18 years of service over philosophical differences. Stephany has nearly 20 years of experience standing with the buffalo, is an avid wildlife photographer, backcountry skier, and horsewoman. She is a member of Deep Green Resistance, and co-founder of Roam Free Nation.

Stephany trusts that the buffalo have called us not just to help defend them, but to help us save us from ourselves from the unsustainable and selfish creation of industrial civilization.

Jaedin Medicine Elk
Co-founder of Roam Free Nation, Board Vice-President

Jaedin Christopher Medicine Elk is Northern Cheyenne, a Sundancer and Sacred Pipe Carrier from a traditional Buffalo Culture family. He was born and raised in Southeast Montana, and other than spending a few years in Colorado and North Dakota, has lived in Montana his whole life. Jaedin was mostly raised by his grandmother, Rosalie Bird Woman, who is one of the few who speak and teach the Northern Cheyenne language to the youth today. Jaedin has spent many years standing in defense of his relatives, the last wild, migratory buffalo of Yellowstone Country.  

He is an incredible athlete who loves to backcountry ski, bike, swim, run, and otherwise workout. He is an upcoming and exceptional wildlife photographer and advocate, who believes the wild ones have a right to live life as Creator intended.

Cindy Rosin, Board Secretary

Cindy Rosin is an artist and activist from New York City. She teaches children in the summers and works odd jobs throughout the year to enable her to spend time volunteering for the earth and her inhabitants. She spends her springs in Montana with the buffalo, volunteers for ocean conservation, and when back in New York, helps to organize – an organization dedicated to exposing the waste and overconsumption of our society.

She lives on a houseboat in Rockaway, Queens, and spends her time there in the company of the fish, seabirds, turtles, jellyfish and other creatures of the Jamaica Bay estuary. She has had the honor of standing with the buffalo for seventeen seasons in the field, and is dedicated to fighting for a future where they take back their lands on their own terms.

Lee Fulton, Board Treasurer

Lee Fulton received his BA in Business Administration and Economics from Austin College and his MS in Information Science from the University of North Texas. He is a United States National Park Service licensed driver in Glacier National Park and a licensed guide in Yellowstone National Park. He is also experienced in leading cross-country ski wildlife viewing tours. He has nonprofit accounting and grantwriting expertise as well as digital imaging and archiving and indexing expertise.

He is an honorably discharged United States Naval Officer, deployed in support of Operations Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, and Southern Watch. He enjoys viewing wildlife, disc golf, and whiffleball. He is originally from Texas and moved to Montana in 2017 to document all of the management practices threatening the Yellowstone buffalo herds.